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My name is Melista and I am a Wedding + Elopement, Destination Photographer based in Toronto. 

Before you tell me a little about you, here are a few things about me. :) I love to travel!! If you had to know just one thing about me, that would have to be it. I have always had the urge to explore, experience new culture and see the world through my eyes and not a computer screen. I have lived in London, England, I've climbed Mount Olympus and I've quit my corporate job to backpack around the world for almost a year. (Not one single regret by the way!) You are probably wondering why I am telling you all of this. Well, it led me to my passion for photography, or magnified it I should say!  I began to realize that through creative photography I could show the world how I experience a very brief period in time. I had the power to create a picture with so much emotion that you would perhaps feel how I felt in that very moment. Now that is pretty extraordinary.

If you are still here, THANK YOU!! Send me an email and lets talk about what you've dreamt up for your day! 



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